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The Australian Solution Alarmed by a decline in voter turnout to less than 60 percent in the early 1920s, Australia adopted a law in 1924 requiring all citizens to present themselves at the polling place on Election Day.(This is often referred to as mandatory voting, although Australian voters are not required to cast marked ballots.)Enforcing the law were small fines (roughly the same as for routine traffic tickets), which increased with repeated acts of nonparticipation.Voting is also compulsory in local government elections, except in South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.In practice, compulsory voting means eligible voters must attend a polling place, have their name crossed off the list of voters, accept ballot papers and lodge them in a ballot box.On October 19, eligible Canadians can exercise a right that is fundamental in a representative democracy.By marking a ballot, citizens have the power to vote for a national government they believe will best speak for their interests.

It also required citizens to register to vote (much as the United States has draft registration) and the Australian authorities have created systems to make registration easy. In the 1925 election, the first held under the new law, turnout soared to 91 percent.

Voters line up at a polling station during Brazil’s national election in Belo Holizonte on Oct. In Brazil, voting is mandatory for those 18 and over. voters show up to the polls during a midterm election than a presidential election.

Photo by Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images Despite all of the U. media’s fanfare about Tuesday’s midterm elections, most eligible voters likely will duck their civic duties on Election Day. However, 22 nations around the world make voting mandatory for its citizens, often starting at age 18, according to the CIA World Factbook.

When we receive a summons for jury duty, we are required to present ourselves at the court.

And it would ease the intense partisan polarization that weakens both our capacity for self-government and public trust in our governing institutions.

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