Bt vision tv guide not updating

The channels themselves are coming in and working absolutely fine, but there is just no information for them in the guide. It sounds like a minor problem, and in the grand scheme of things it is a smalll problem, but it's also becme very annoying and inconvenient as it means we're unable to see what's on the channels now or in advance, which additionally means we're unable to record any shows on these channels.

I feel that channel information and the ability to record should be part of the full service which I'm paying for.

Please click the link below to get started: If you need help using or setting up your BT TV box, check out the user manuals.

Video: How to install your You View box If your BT TV box has stopped working or is crashing, get help below: My BT TV box has stopped working and isn't responding My BT TV box is slow and freezes More help with your BT TV box: Channel & picture problems On Demand problems Recording problems My BT TV remote control isn't working How to programme your BT TV remote to control your TV How to reset your BT TV remote control Problems with Powerline Adapters are usually fixed by a reset.

Extra channels (Poor quality/No picture, Can't watch or missing channels).When you first start-up or restart your BT Vision box it can take a while for the Recordings option to be displayed on the main BT TV menu.Please wait a couple of minutes and then press the BT Vision button on the remote control.The new TV help tool is available to all BT TV customers.The subscription channels you get will depend on what BT TV package and bolt-ons you have. Click here to find out what channels and bolt-ons you get with each TV package.

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