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But less attention has been given to another blog blackout--this time in the US: As CNET reports, some 73,000 blogs hosted by Word Press blogging platform, were shut down last week by Burst Net , Blogetery's web hosting company.According to CNET "nobody seems willing to say why or who is responsible." What known is that Burst Net informed Blogetery's operator, via email, that the its service had been terminated "by request of law enforcement officials, due to material hosted on the server." "Please note that this was not a typical case, in which suspension and notification would be the norm.Marr said the blogging platform was yanked because because bomb-making tips and a “hit list” are a violation of’s terms of service.

La piattaforma che chi presento oggi è Blogetery, un servizio molto interessante che vi permette di aprire un sito molto velocemente.Kurt Nimmo July 20, 2010It was not copyright violations that prompted the hosting service to pull more than 73,000 blogs offline earlier this month.It was al-Qaeda, the phony terror group created by the CIA.“The site was shut down after FBI agents informed executives of, Blogetery’s Web host, late on July 9 that links to al-Qaeda materials were found on Blogetery’s servers, Joe Marr, chief technology officer for,” told CNET.So far there is no explanation why was denied service.“Many speculated that the FBI was using the Patriot Act to silence bloggers.But Marr emphasized that the FBI has never ordered to stop service to any site it hosts without a court order and that the vast majority of’s communication with the federal government has involved agents serving warrants related to terrorist or child porn investigations,” CNET continues.

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UPDATE: In a press release, Burst Net has provided new information that sheds light on why the company shut down over 70,000 blogs hosted by Blogetery, a blogging platform.

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