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Even when the spying software market if full of hacking applications, it is still difficult to choose the exact tool to use.

This extension will let you know by adding a "lost friends" tab to your page. In one of the most insidious moves of all, Facebook stores every page, person, and one-night stand you’ve ever searched for.

Go to the shopkeeper who will sell you the Heart Potion or the Lantern Oil. Typically, a bird will chase you if you then try to leave without paying.

However, you can teleport back to the temple and keep your chosen potion without paying. After that go back to his cat talk to it and you can now go to the cat to get more rupees Submitted by: nick20086 Equip your fishing pole during the final battle between link and Ganondorf and shake it around -- it should daze him enough for a couple of slashes.

Obviously, that video of the baby seal waddling on a surfboard is of the utmost importance, but your boss may not be on the same page.

Facebook rolled out a new feature that lets you bookmark videos and stories to view later by clicking the downward arrow on the upper right of the video and selecting "save video." You can access all saved content on the left-hand nav bar.

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You'll reach a point in the Goron Mines where you are supposed to walk on the ceiling with the iron boots equipped. If you'd like to move faster, start by moving to the glowing point that can transport you to a ceiling or wall.

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