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In "unfriendly" takeover attempts, the potential buying company may offer a price well above current market values, new securities and other inducements to stockholders.

The management of the subject company might ask for a better price or try to join up with a third company. American Stock Exchange (AMEX) – The second largest stock exchange in the United States, located in the financial district of New York City.

I would be quite happy to unite with the same shareholders in a fund in some other industry," he said.

An agreement for liquidated damages can only be when there is an engagement for the performance of certain acts, the not doing of which would be an injury to one of the parties; or to guard against the performance of acts which, if done, would also be injurious.

In such cases an estimate of the damages may be made by a jury, or by a previous agreement between the parties, who may foresee the consequences of a breach of the engagement, and stipulate accordingly.

March 21 (Interfax) - Altimo, which manages the telecommunications assets of Alfa Group, would be liquidated and its assets distributed among shareholders under a proposal from Gleb Fetisov, the owner of 14.16% of Altimo shares.

"In my view, the fund's mission and goals have been fully met: it should be liquidated and its assets shared out," Fetisov told the business daily Vedomosti.

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