Qtablewidget input validating

I have used Qt to work on a file and the link below is of a screenshot of what it should look like. Create a function, which reads alls items and add them to an array in a loop, connect the pressed-signal of the Enter-Button with this function.

I have tried this: ui-set Input Mask("Hh,hh,hh,hh,hh"); But unfortunately all of the commas are displayed when there is no text, and you have to know how many sets of hex numbers you want in advance (which I don't know/can't restrict).

Example, users only enter a number into that item otherwise the program will show a warning dialog.

I also search on that document page but I didn’t find similar function with set Validator() function. Once again, you can emit an error message if there's invalid data.

My question now is how do I access user input from each cell of the table and store it into an array for that whole table? (I dont have the privilege to comment): I use a help_index which basically numbers the elements from left to right.

Everytime a cell is edited (return pressed) the next element is selected (the 1 in the help_index line).

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