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They wanted a phone that would fit on a bedside table; and they wanted the teenagers out of the hallway, too.

Miller realized this potential market and went after it.

They’d selected that room and payed through the nose for it. “I do always play in the dark.” Nyx sat in the ruined image of the studio for another fifteen minutes before he walked back to his office to close down. It wasn’t a threatening thought, he was surprised to notice. He moved forward as his hand slid up, guiding their mouths together for a moment.

However someone had dropped by and said they wanted to look at the space. But when he saw the billing for the sixth month, it said Scientia, and it was in near constant use. “It’s beautiful in here.” No matter how much air he pulled to his lungs his voice was still breathless. I wouldn’t know.” Nyx blinked, things sliding into place now. “And yes.” Ignis called from the doorway, an unfamiliar smile on the visible half of his face. The magic broken by the yellow light from the hall. He discussed the smll snippets he’d known with Ignis as they made their way down the street. ” Nyx wasn’t bad off, but he knew Ignis, and likely anybody Ignis ran with would probably be able to buy and sell him. I’ve no doubt all three of them are at my apartment this instant, waiting eagerly for my report on this evening.” Nyx shuffled “Was it…. “That’s all I needed to know.” Ignis said, mischievous smirk still in place. When the door opened he was eye to eye with a blonde man with dark glasses. Nyx wasn’t entirely sure anybody had ever given him a prefix that wasn’t an insult, affectionate or otherwise. “My thanks.” Nyx, unwilling to stand there like a coming of age romance, turned and left before the door closed. Nyx would stop by, give him an extra half hour just to talk to the man for a few seconds for He wasn’t sure why he really bothered. “Yeah just your usual half hour.” Ignis stood perfectly still before holding up a phone. Sound, and pinpricks of light, the skyline, and Ignis. Nyx paid for their tickets, which earned him what he believed to be a cross look from Ignis. And even the parts that weren’t, the types of stories that made him smile, each one of those smiles made his heart so light he worried he’d end the night in the hospital. Nyx Ulric.” The smile had never faded and Nyx found himself trying not to obviously stare at the way it pulled that scar. “Ignis Scientia, at your service.” Nyx smiled in a way he hoped wasn’t openly goofy. Ignis.” Ignis showed no signs of disapproval at this new acquaintance using his first name. It’s been gone a half hour.” “Oh, that.” “Why have you been letting me stay until one in the morning? In this room his eyesight was narrowed only to Ignis and the flashing twinkling lights outside the solitary window. White, curling petals.” Ignis smiled again, looking less polite or angry or interested or relaxed than ever, the twist of his lips looking like it stung. ” With a shaky hand Nyx moved the wrist, heart throbbing in his entire body and his face, surely beet red. Even with my lack of decorum a moment ago.” Nyx froze again “No no! You’re awesome and I’m at a…loss….really.” he cringed a bit “I have, , idea what I’m doing.” Ignis smiled a bit wider as he read the menu, fingers skimming over a few multiple times. And they were walking closer and laughing as they left for the theatre.The world was changing; convenience and decoration were as important -- or even more important -- than pure utility.People wanted more than just the main phone in the hallway.

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