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Update(shugah Customer DS); (i assume that this will update the database) And to add some more doubt to myself, im following example in the book Visual C#. if you are using Binding Source with the Data Grid View, you should code (my code in vb but i guess you know what I mean) Customer Binding Source. Update(shugah Customer DS) If you are not using Binding Source Shugah DA. The application too didn't make any changes to the database after updating the Data Set. Hi Samir The command Text was generated by VS itself i don't know why it append \r\n in it, anyway i've changed it (but still is not working) And yeah, i have a line Shugah DA. First open the Data Set in the designer, click on the table you are working on, click on the Table Adapter and check if it has Update command, check the command Text and if the Parameter is correct. Sorry was missing in action for 4 days, went to travel. Yes, my Shugah DA is oledb Data Adapter, and the dataset is generated at design time. If you still remember that i said i've been following an example in the book, i've just found out something is wrong in the example too.The only record that was updated was the very first record which updated with a 0 then all the others did not take, I have re-run it several times and they will not take.

I couldn't create an update statement to update the database when I pulled the information by a join query, So I pulled down both tables into a dataset with an XML Schema description where the two are related by the itm_id key as in the database. Hi Gianni, Your “colour Table” is an Array, so you can update it like that: colour Table[0][‘colourlabel’] = “Blue”; Then you can update the colorsource colourssource.localdata = colour Table; Btw, the following is wrong and should be removed: coloursadapter = new $data Adapter(colourssource, ); Bind(); Binding the Grid does not require calling the data Adapter’s data Bind or setting auto Bind.That’s how you should create a data Adapter: var coloursadapter = new $data Adapter(colourssource); And that’s how you should refresh the Grid’s source: $(\”#dataflow\”)Grid(); Best Regards, Peter Stoev j QWidgets Team Dear Peter, I have about 9 fields in the grid….i removed them to make it easier to understand…. Command Text = "Update tbl1 set fld1 = @p1 where ID [email protected]" da. "Rich" wrote: Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter("Select * from tbl1", conn) dim tblx As New Data Table da.

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One way to fill a Data Set with multiple tables is to send the database multiple requests. If you do try to update all the tables with the same Data Adapter, then you will get an error like the one below (this error really frustrated me for a couple hours): An unhandled exception of type 'System.

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