Updating django

Before upgrading, it’s a good idea to resolve any deprecation warnings raised by your project while using your current version of Django.

Fixing these warnings before upgrading ensures that you’re informed about areas of the code that need altering.

It's still in production and there are no problems with it.

After that the post owner can update the title but the slug will stay the same.

My initial idea was to put this logic inside the save method but I didn't found the "refresh" method from Auto Slug Field.

Infrastructure support and upgrades are necessary but often performed as a separate project from any improvements to design or user experience, rather than as part of a holistic update project.

With that in mind, it helps to have an understanding of why upgrading the backend should be considered a necessary part of any website upgrade project.

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From time to time we inherit code bases running outdated versions of Django and part of our work is to get them running a stable and secure version.

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