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ASSESSING THE EFFECTS OF FAMILIES FOR SAFE DATES, A FAMILY-BASED TEEN DATING ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM, Vangie A. Cornelius and Nicole Resseguie, (volume 20, number 10), Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA: July 2009. PSYCHOSOCIAL FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH REPORTS OF PHYSICAL DATING VIOLENCE AMONG U. THE RATE OF CYBER DATING ABUSE AMONG TEENS AND HOW IT RELATES TO OTHER FORMS OF TEEN DATING VIOLENCE, Janine M. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY PREVENTION PROGRAMS FOR DATING VIOLENCE: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE, Tara L. Howard, Min Qi Wang and Fang Yan, (42 [166], pages 311-24), Safety Lit, San Diego, CA: 2007.Abusive men routinely overestimate how accepted this violence against women is by other men.This initiative by Vice President Joe Biden finally recognizes that, “ The White House has produced a minute long public service announcement condemning violence against women to serve as a reminder to men that domestic violence and relationship violence are completely unacceptable.(PCM) The White House has released a new PSA against sexual assault as part of the 1 is 2 Many campaign yesterday as part of a much needed effort to combat sexual assault in the United States.The PSA features Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, Benicio Del Toro, Steve Carrell, and Dulé Hill standing up against sexual assault and making an appeal for accountability and responsibility to end sexual assault. Foshee, Kim Dixon, Ling Yin-Chang, Susan Ennett, Beth Moracco, Michael Bowling and Jennifer L. DATING MATTERS: UNDERSTANDING TEEN DATING VIOLENCE PREVENTION, Kevin Jennings, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, Office on Violence Against Women, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, May 3, 2010. FAMILIAL INFLUENCES ON DATING VIOLENCE VICTIMIZATION AMONG LATINO YOUTH (abstract), H. MOMS AND TEENS FOR SAFE DATES STUDY OVERVIEW, North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gillings School of Global Public Health, December 15, 2010. (special collection), Patty Branco, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, Harrisburg, PA: updated January 2017.

"The worst abuse of power is when a man raises a hand to hurt a woman," Biden says. So if you see someone threatening a woman, step up, speak out and get help." --- Online:

In the last year, one in 10 teens have reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

One in five young women have been sexually assaulted while they’re in college.

Watch the 60-second PSA below and learn more information about the 1 is 2 Many campaign here as well as the Obama Administration’s Record on Violence Against Women here and the White House Council on Women and Girls’ Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renew Call to Action.

The initiative focuses primarily on those ages 16-24, the age group which experiences the highest rates of domestic violence and relationship violence. As much as we can talk to women getting out of a situation or avoiding the situation all together, violence against women must be stopped by the abuser, not by the abused.

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On June 21, the White House unveiled a PSA supporting Vice President Biden’s 1is2Many campaign, a landmark effort to end dating violence.

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  1. Money quote: The researchers found that most women speed daters said yes (meaning they’d like to see a man again after the four-minute speed date) less often to men of another race than they did to men of their own race.